SmartVest is a low-cost, one of its kind, unique and useful navigation solution for the visually impaired people of this world. It is a true wearable Vest, which gives real time spoken feedback in order to avoid the obstacles that are in front and back of its users.

Hence giving the user a stress-free and effective assisted navigation, resulitng in the revolution on terms of their mobility. This kind is solution giving real time audio output, which is one the most useful and intuitive feedback form for a visually imapired person, is first of its kind and such solution is not present anywhere in the world yet.

SmartVest improves upon all of the underlying issues of the current alternative solutions and offers a better suited navigation solution for obstacle detection and notifying. Meanwhile being a wearable device which is much easier to use and practical for usage, our plan is to make it a one-stop-solution giving all the features present in the low-cost Indian products to the costlier international products and a better output and overall functionality.


Smart Canes

~3000 INR
  • Detects Obstacles
  • Single Sensor
  • Major Alignment issues
  • Vibrational feedback only
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15,000 INR
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Multiple sensors at Front and Back
  • No alignment issues, wear it and commute hassle free
  • Affordable, wearable with Audio Guidance
  • Unique and One Stop Solution
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Global Smart Devices

~500,000 INR
  • No Obstacle Detection
  • Smart glass with camera
  • Costs heavily, not affordable to all
  • Caters only to a sub-strata of Society
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