The Revolution is Here!

Outdoor navigation is becoming a harder task for the blind and visually impaired people in the increasingly complex urban world. The technology and solutions available for navigation of the blind is not sufficiently accessible and some devices rely heavily on infrastructural requirements. There's a lack of a practical and useful Assistive Navigation Tech for the Blind people whose population is expected to reach 32M in India alone and 76M in the world and we are well aware of the regular issues and inconveniences they face apart from their condition, due to the lack of proper support system for them especially in India.

For their integration and assimilation in society.

For a more accesible world.

The revolution is here!

Smart Canes

~3000 INR
  • Detects Obstacles
  • Single Sensor
  • Major Alignment issues
  • Vibrational feedback only
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15,000 INR
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Multiple sensors at Front and Back
  • No alignment issues, wear it and commute hassle free
  • Affordable, wearable with Audio Guidance
  • Unique and One Stop Solution
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Global Smart Devices

  • No Obstacle Detection
  • Smart glass with camera
  • Very Costly, not affordable to all
  • Caters only to a specific sub-strata of Society
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