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The notion of disability arising out of the physical condition doesn’t just end with the effected person having to adjust their lives in correspondence. It creeps up on the entire lives, leaving the effected & the close ones at the mercy of their circumstances.

In developing countries like ours, this issue, along with socio-cultural factors pushes the visually impaired people into a life of deprivation, poverty, pain and loneliness.

No to that we say, Not anymore!

The authentic SunQulp and the determination to change what we can, is the blessing that we encompass.

This exact SunQulp is our story, the intent and the conviction of giving something back, doing what we can for a better world.

So, in this proverbial declaration, the declaration of standing united against this situation, the venture and the effort to make this world a better place, to that we say –

“Acknowledge the thunder inside, invoke the potential infinite.”

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